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Podcast description

If you found out you had five minutes left to live, what ten things would be on your list of regrets?
In How To Die Happy, co-hosts Martin O'Toole, Julia Malcolmson explore humankind's pursuit of happiness, our irrational fear of death, and everything in between.
This weekly podcast will invite guests from all walks of life to share stories and practical utilities to entertain and inspire you along life's rambling journey. 
There'll be fun, laughter, tear-jerking chatter, and a dollop or two of deep introspection. How To Die Happy is a podcast about the respective arts of dying and living well.

The How To Die Happy podcast production
How To Die Happy is a brand new podcast, which despite its infancy has already attracted and confirmed international bestselling authors, award-winning musicians, healers, and changemakers from all over the world.
How To Die Happy is recorded from the Bukit peninsula in Bali, by our co-hosts Martin O’Toole and Julia Malcolmson. Early episodes also include their buddy Chris.

Show creator
How To Die Happy was created by Martin O’Toole, a British writer, living a mindful life in Bali.
As is common, Martin always took the hard road. Rarely did he heed the advice of others, nor learn from life’s lessons. The man was a magnet for trouble and an unwitting drama addict of gargantuan proportions. So, through all of the scrapes, vast and varied mistakes, and the rivers of spilt milk under the burnt bridges of his colourful life story, he would often cheerfully announce he’d “lived the life of ten men.” He was careless, and took no responsibility for his actions.

In 2013, suffering from severe depression and alcoholism, Martin almost died by suicide and would’ve succeeded were it not for his best friend and trusted Beagle, Macy. Moments before he pulled the trigger of the loaded gun stuffed in his mouth, she apparently dissuaded him from carrying out the dark plan. Very dramatic! And there was much more self-sabotaging and suffering to come, because in spite of taking the first step, he had a journey of a thousand miles ahead.In 2020, clean, sober, and wholly rehabilitated, Martin had what he refers to as a “near-death experience,” which reframed his understanding of life and death. Having lived and died within one lifetime, he had finally accepted responsibility for the turbulent events of his co-created life, learning to love and forgive himself. This series of revelations transformed the way he behaved in the world. During this journey, he studied the notion of regret — its purpose and equal futility — learning there are, according to studies, ten common death bed regrets.

All of the above and a whole lot more led Martin to conceive the How To Die Happy podcast, and with a little early help from his buddy Chris, the podcast was born. Now, Martin, Julia, and friends, interview guests who share stories and practical utilities to help others learn the arts of living and dying well.
Why? Because in learning to live life well, we can embrace its end.

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