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"I would highly recommend her to anyone, including people who cannot quite put their finger on exactly why they are feeling the way they are, however random, and want clarity and change.  

Kartika deserves all the recognition she is achieving from her clients and peers worldwide."

 - Susan Greenwood, Hypnotherapy Client


Reach your goals by using the power of your mind

As your supportive guide, the focus in your sessions is to help you become the best version of yourself.  

By bringing together a unique integrative hypnotherapy process, subconscious mind knowledge and a blend of various modalities, each session is tailored to meet your particular needs and help you reach your goals.  A wide range of topics are addressed in my practice with a specialization on more delicate, complex, unique struggles and trauma healing.

The sessions are designed to be transformative. The sessions are not geared to address symptoms, but to unearth and process the root cause of your struggles.  When approached this way, this helps to balance and restructure your mind on many levels.  This creates lasting changes and shifts in your life.

The ultimate goal is for you to be free from the need for regular visits concerning the same matter so the aim is always to provide focused, effective results within 1-3 sessions*

Beyond my private practice, I have also established Maja Healing, a holistic wellness center located in Bali. This sanctuary is staffed by like-minded therapists from different fields, whom are all dedicated to the wellness journey of the client, without employing any client-retention techniques.

I also collaborate with a global network of professionals. These include doctors, clinical psychologists & specialized centers, both in-person and online, all to ensure comprehensive support for their patients.  Engaging with companies and online platforms, such as executives, professional traders and Olympians, is another avenue where I extend support, helping individuals increase their performance.

Kartika Alexandra in front of Maja Healing

I also impart my hypnotherapy process in a unique & transformative hypnotherapy course  with selected students and share insights about the mind and healing through talks.

Additionally, I offer a mentorship program for fellow hypnotherapists, acting as a guide as they harness their power and potential in this exciting field.

"Hypnotherapy with Kartika was the most effortless and natural thing

I could have done to change myself."

 - Maikhanh, Hypnotherapy Client

How may I help you?

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All private sessions are always customized and are the most profound & powerful ways to experience lasting positive change.  It is all about you need. If you are looking for proper support to reach your goal - whatever it may be - and to experience freedom, please click below.
Masculine Feminine Workshop
These offerings provide a unique opportunity to dive deep into various topics in a group setting. Through invaluable learning from each other, participants can expand their knowledge and understanding of the topic, and gain a deeper insight into their own healing journey. Click below to explore what is available to support you on your path!
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With the Maja Healing team, we provide corporate and team services, designed to offer support with a different and deeper understanding of various elements . Through one-on-one sessions with Senior Executives and/or group workshops with staff & employees, we provide the necessary tools and insights to help the organization reach their goals.

"What still amazes me is how she managed to select just the right early emotional triggers to lead us through the spider web of memories and subconscious imprints that found the root cause of my turmoil."

 - John Rozelle, Hypnotherapy Client

"I had no idea what hypnotherapy was at all. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I was ready for it. I can say this with much confidence that the 1 session I had with Kartika was life-changing. I am a work in progress, but my heart is so much fuller than before. Thank you Kartika for the work that you do!"

 - Cindy, Hypnotherapy & Rapid Healing Client

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