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Kartika Alexandra hypnotherapist healer in Bali

I was very impressed with Kartika's highly professional approach in conducting the sessions and her ability to produce results which benefited me greatly in regaining my emotional and spiritual balance.

- B. Rikards

About Kartika Alexandra

Background & Qualifications

My background is in Psychology (Bachelor of Arts, University of British Columbia) and graduated with honours, awards, scholarships and on Dean's List.  I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist  (CCTSI), a hypnotherapist with certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and with specialization in various hypnotherapy processes (ranging from HypnoBirthing© to Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

With hundreds of hours of session experience, I have helped thousands of clients resolve a wide range of problems since I founded Holistic Healing Hypnosis in 2014. 

My intrigue with what makes each of one us who we are started at a very young age.  Born in the USA, I then moved to Nairobi Kenya for 4 years, and grew up in Tokyo Japan for 10 years, followed by 4 years in Jakarta Indonesia and 7 years in Vancouver Canada.  As I moved around, I was immersed in each different culture and learnt the language - I grew up speaking Swahili, Japanese and now, speak English, French and Indonesian.  I began to recognize and see how the world was experienced and understood very differently between individuals of different cultures, languages, and religions.  It totally fascinated me how culture, language and religion shape us as individuals, down to unconscious habits and day-to-day activities.  As the elements in the surrounding environment changed with each move, I also began to see how I also adapted and changed accordingly.  The question came – "Well, then… Who am I?  What makes me me?”

At the same time, I was intrigued at what created the differences between individuals within the same culture - parental styles, childhood experiences, sibling influence, etc.  This was what led me to focus on social, developmental, and cultural psychology during my Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia.  I had the intention to become a clinical psychologist, yet during my last year at UBC, I realized that practicing clinical psychology would be too structured and not comprehensive enough for me at the time.   Instead, after graduating with my Bachelor in psychology, I committed to learn more about the total human experience.  I committed to learn how our human experience affects our overall state of happiness and health - physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, socially  - all while I devoted time to follow my heart's joy, explore my own truth, and aim to increase in self-understanding and experience. 

I dove into experiences I never previously would have encountered and pushed myself on physical, emotional, spiritual, social and mental levels on the basis of challenging myself, for self-growth and facing my own fears and discomforts.  I travelled extensively, and simultaneously started an international business where I could maintain my lifestyle of travelling, countering any monotony I could.  It gave me experiences and learning curves that demanded growth, and moments where I could implement, test, and refine the knowledge that I had accumulated about human existence, happiness, and behavior. 

Currently, I am based between Bali, Jakarta, Vancouver and Zurich.  I travel frequently within Asia and Europe.  Between scuba diving in Indonesia and skiing in Canada, I can be found exploring the cities and nature in surrounding areas, drinking coffee, away on silent meditation retreats, crossfit-ting, and exchanging ideas and knowledge over delicious meals. 

During that time, my understanding of self, others and life grew immensely.  It was no easy task to face myself, but as I did, I recognized that to help people in the best way that I possibly can, it is of such crucial importance to me to not just accumulate the necessary knowledge in form of methods or techniques, but to also dive first hand into experiencing my own continuous personal development, to be comfortable and empowered in my own skin, remove internal blocks and triggers, break down and adjust beliefs & thoughts that I have of the world and myself, and to undergo the tremendous power of personal self-healing, as arduous as it may.

In essence, my aim became to see reality as it is and not as it may be convenient for me, or based on my past experiences.  It is from this foundation of self-development, growth, healing, and intention to live a happier and healthier life that the H.H.Hypnosis practice was born.

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