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Local Legends
101 icons of Bali 2023

We're shining a spotlight on the island's most inspiring individuals who make us proud of our local Bali community.

How to Die Happy Kartika

How to Die Happy - Episode 1

"If you found out you had five minutes left to live, what ten things would be on your list of regrets?

In How To Die Happy, co-hosts Martin O'Toole, Julia Malcolmson explore humankind's pursuit of happiness, our irrational fear of death, and everything in between.

In this episode, we spoke to Kartika Alexandra, a Bali-based integrative hypnotherapist. The interview is a fun and energised exploration into the healing power of the subconscious, happiness, mindfulness, bridging the gap between science and spirituality, death, dying and more."

Kartika & Nina Ebsworth on Fertility and Pregnancy

Fertile Conversations: Hypnotherapy & Fertility

"This fertile conversation touches on so many aspects of hypnotherapy and how it can transform our fertile journey:

  • What hypnotherapy is

  • The science behind it

  • How it can support conception & birth

  • What we carry in our bodies emotionally impacting us now

  • The benefits of hypnotherapy

  • Whether hypnotherapy is safe in pregnancy

  • How our own births affect our fertile wellbeing as adults

  • How hypnotherapy can help connect us back to a place of peace & wellbeing in our journey"


Kartika Picture at Wonderfruit

Hypnotherapy Interview

With Stephanie Dickson

Do you want to be happier and healthier? According to hypnotherapist Kartika Alexandra, the answer to changing your beliefs and 'programming' lies in your subconscious.

This interview was shot at Wonderfruit Festival in Pattaya and is part of our 'Green Warrior' series of inspiring interviews with conscious-prenurs around the region.

local legends of bali 2022

Local Legends
101 icons of Bali 2022

We're shining a spotlight on the island's most inspiring individuals who make us proud of our local Bali community.

Dris and Kartika

On Relationship Issues, Attraction, and Healthy Relationships 

"In this conversation, Kartika and I talk about the law of attraction, the honeymoon phase, the issues, selecting the right partner, how not to bring the past to the present, how to resolve conflicts and how not to keep repeating the same old patterns by selecting/attracting the same type of partners.

Kartika Alexandra holds a degree in psychology and works as a hypnotherapist. She is also the owner and founder of Holistic Healing Hypnosis. A top-rated therapy center in Bali, Indonesia providing personalized profound therapy session, face to face and remote. I reached out to her a little while ago, when I was going through some challenging times and found her services very helpful."

Bali Advertiser Cover

Body & Spirit Special Issue

By Shari

Bali Advertiser is a magazine that is here to serve the expatriate community.  This issue is a special issue dedicated on Wellness in Bali. 


How to Die Happy - Episode 2

So the burning question we had in this week's How To Die Happy podcast is: "Why so many divorces? Why so many failed relationships? And what causes relationships to fail?"


During this week's interview, Martin, Jules and Kartika cracked open these issues, offering anecdotes and, indeed, professional observations and utilities as to how we might attempt to avoid these relationship pitfalls going forward. 

Kavita & Kartika 1

Conscious Parenting:
How to Raise a Resilient Child

With Kavita Srinivasan

"Children are not born resilient.

It's a huge misconception. Resilience is a skill.

This is how you teach it.

This is how you learn it."


The Power of
the Subconscious Mind

"This interview [is] one of my most recent popular ones.  We discussed the power of the subconscious mind, and we dived into the “behind the scenes” of our attitudes, actions, and behaviors.


The Subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind. Over ninety percent of our daily actions and behaviors come from what we store in our subconscious. 

In this podcast interview, meet Kartika Alexandra, who shares key insights on the benefits of Hypnotherapy. Kartika works with clients to help them overcome issues and topics by accessing and working with their subconscious mind. 

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • The benefit of meditation and silent retreats

  • The different states of mind

  • What hypnosis really is

  • How hypnosis is backed up by science

  • Who can benefit from hypnosis

  • How do we learn things as humans

  • The role of the subconscious mind

  • The difference between the subconscious and the conscious mind"

More on Coach Dris

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