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Hypnotherapy Session

I believe that each individual has the innate ability to heal and resolve what troubles them.  My role is to facilitate and assist in this process, so that it may take place in a comprehensive & profound way.


Each session is between 2.5 hours - 3 hours long, and sessions can occur in person or via Zoom.  They are both equally effective (see FAQs below).

For certain topics, results can be immediately noticed the day after.  For other topics, it may require several weeks of integration and/or to be in a similar situation to notice the difference in their reactions and experience.  I typically recommend an integration phase of 7-10 days post-session to best support the work done in the session.

I am interested in getting to the root cause of the problem, which means I only offer sessions without client retention.  My goal is that I properly help you in 1-3 sessions* so that you do not need to see me again for that particular topic. This is primarily due to working with the client in

1). the state of hypnosis

2). working in the root cause of the issue and

3). customizing each and every hypnotherapy session with the needs of client at that time.

*This depend on the topic being addressed and the severity of the issue.  To learn more, please write to me.

Kartika Hypnotherapy Session.jpg
While I have worked with thousands of clients on a wide variety of topics, such as phobias, blocks, traumas, and emotional & relational issues, I now specialize and work primarily with clients who fit any one of the following:
  1. are focused on increasing their performance in their work, career, finances and/or relationships.

  2. experience unique and/or uncommon issues.

  3. have experienced trauma or currently. experience complex post-traumatic stress disorders

  4. pregnant women (priority in my waitlist).

If you do not match this list but would like to explore working together, please send me a message.

If you would like to view past and common topics that I work with, please visit here.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Kartika for making such a powerful impact in my life.

In our session we were able to go back to my childhood and find the root causes of an issue I had been facing for years, I now feel much stronger and empowered for being able to go back there and meet the memory from a place of love and understanding.

Kartika made the whole process so intuitive, guiding me with complete empathy at all times.  Her energy is extremely warm and a true joy to be around.

Thank you Kartika, I am so thankful our paths have crossed!

 - Josh, Australia

Session Details, Fees & Options

Single Hypnotherapy Session

Kartika Alexandra Hypnotherapist with client.JPG

Currently there is a 3-5 months waitlist for a single hypnotherapy session.

Please contact me to be placed on the hypnotherapy session waitlist.

What comes with this option:

  1. 1 x 3-hour hypnotherapy session

  2. Integration check-in 2-4 days after session
    (via WhatsApp)

  3. Email check-in 14 days after session

This is ideal for

- general blocks, phobias and fears (public speaking, flying, animals, etc)
- ​some types of anxiety, panic attacks
- compulsions and light addictions
- general emotional overwhelm or unwanted reactions (shyness, jealousy, worry)

- gaining clarity on troubling matters
- certain traumas
- mindset shifts, empowerment, abundance blocks
- forgiveness and more 

One session can allow for

  1. Significant reduction of the issue*

  2. Clarity and insight on oneself*

  3. Upgrade in one's internal belief system*

*This is dependent on the topic. 

Please contact me to inquire how many sessions your topic generally requires.

In-Person Session


At Maja Healing in Bali

Session Duration: 3 hours 

Fee: IDR 6,500,000

Online Session


Online via Zoom

Session Duration: 3 hours 

Fee: USD 680

3 Hypnotherapy Sessions 

Kartika Alexandra Hypnotherapist with client.JPG

Most Picked & Ideal for transformation for certain topics

Prioritized in waitlist 

What comes with this option:

  1. 3 x 3 hours hypnotherapy session

  2. A Whatsapp or Telegram check in 10-12 days after session 1 and 2

  3. A 60 min closure session In-Person or via Zoom 12 days after last session

  4. Flexibility with scheduling (as certain topics require more integration before another hypnotherapy session)

This is ideal for

- transformational work

- overwhelming anxiety & panic attacks 
- relationships patterns
- abundance blocks

- personality issues

- insomnia
- deeper trauma work & cPTSD
- emotional balancing and reset
- deep internal reset & empowerment
- stronger compulsions and addictions

- eating disorders, psychosomatic pains

Each session allows

  1. Deeper clearing & harmonizing.

  2. Provides more profound insight & healing.

  3. Helps to thoroughly overcome the issue

Why would you need 3 sessions?

  1. Some topics have several root causes, require more delicate approach, or are more complex due to their nature.  For this reason, one session will not allow for deeper work to occur.

  2.  It gives time and space for your mind to explore and release without the pressure of limited time together.

  3. You walk away feeling profoundly lighter and clearer.

In-Person Sessions


At Maja Healing in Bali

Total Sessions: 3 sessions

Each Session Duration: 3 hours 

Fee: IDR 21,000,000

Please make full payment before booking in first session.

Online Sessions


Online Via Zoom

Session Duration: 3 hours 

Fee: USD 2190

Please make full payment before booking in first session to receive this discounted rate.

6 Hypnotherapy Sessions


Deepest Dive for Rest & Transformation

Prioritized in Waitlist 

What comes with this option:

  1. 6 x 3 hours Hypnotherapy sessions or Rapid Healing Sessions

  2. 3 x 1 hour Check-in/Conscious discussion/Conscious Restructuring (e.g. cognitive reframing, beliefs and values reset)

  3. Flexibility in Topics addressed

  4. Prioritization in all scheduling and responses.

This is ideal for

- clients who suffer from various symptoms/issues listed in the Single and Three Session Package details.

- clients who are done suffering and want a change in their quality of life.

- Prefer longer term support and a mix of conscious with subconscious work.

- Abundance increase.

- "Stepping up" in their career, relationship, or other areas in life. 
- deeper trauma work & cPTSD
- emotional balancing and reset
- deep internal reset & empowerment
- stronger compulsions and addictions

- eating disorders, psychosomatic pains

Each session allows

  1. Strategic approach to increasing your overall quality of life.

  2. Deeper clearing & harmonizing.

  3. Provides more profound insight & healing.

  4. Helps to thoroughly overcome the issue.

  5. Meets you where you are at this moment.

Why would you need 6 sessions?

  1. If you prefer longer relationship with flexilibity and time to integrate.

  2. If you prefer to be more flexible in exploring what you need to address and to get support when necessary

  3. If you prefer to have conscious (conscious talks & restructuring) and subconscious support (hypnotheray and rapid healing).

  4. If you are currently going through a deep process or reset, and want professional & committed support. 

  5. It allows for sessions to be even more tailored to increasing your quality of life.

  6. Some of these topics can have several root causes and/or be more complex

  7.  It gives time and space for your mind to explore and release without the pressure of limited time together.

  8. You walk away feeling profoundly lighter and clearer.



At Maja Healing in Bali

Session Duration:  3 hours 

Fee: IDR 33,200,000



Online via Zoom

Session Duration: 3 hours

Fee: USD 3170


Immersion Program


A fully tailored & integrative program that is customized to the needs of the client. 

What comes with this option:

  1. Hypnotherapy sessions (number of sessions dependent on needs)

  2. Rapid healing sessions (number of sessions dependent on needs)

  3. On-call support

  4. Conscious restructuring (e.g. cognitive reframing, beliefs and values reset)

  5. Knowledge & tools workshops 

  6. A holistic approach with a curated team of professionals to facilitate client's progress.

This is ideal for

-Individuals who wish or require to have an immersive and tailored healing or wellness program

- Individuals who require more attention & care

- Individuals who wish to work in depth with me

- And/or Individuals/programs/centers who require me to be on-site

Past focus have included

  • performance breakthrough

  • burnout recovery

  • trauma recovery

  • addiction recovery

  • personalized 'reset' program

  • couples/relationship breakthrough


Past clients include:

  • professional athletes/olympians

  • corporate directors in Europe & Indonesia

  • actors & musicians

  • clients who have limited time

  • clients who prefer or require more attention.

Why would you need 6 sessions?

  1. It allows for sessions to be even more tailored to increasing your quality ofl ife.

  2. Some of these topics can have several root causes and/or be more complex

  3.  It gives time and space for your mind to explore and release without the pressure of limited time together.

  4. You walk away feeling profoundly lighter and clearer.

Price is reduced in an effort to encourage you to fully overcome your issue.



At Maja Healing in Bali or

the center the client is residing in Indonesia or Overseas

Session Duration:  To be discussed.  Different needs require different programs. 

Fee:To Be Discussed




Session Duration: To be Discussed

Fee: To Be Discussed

Hypnotherapy Session Details

"Kartika Alexandra is a higly dedicated skilled professional who will help guide you where your areas for blockages are and work with you to have them released. 


My experience with Kartika was a deeply profound one and I can´t thank her enough for being so generous with her time and helping me go where the work was needed. The time stood still during the work, the hours just flew away. After the session it felt like I had lost some heavy baggage that I have been carrying around. I was feeling light, happy and full of love and appreciation for my life and everybody in it, it felt amazing. 


I have no hesitation in recommending her service to anyone who wants to explore their depths and heal unresolved issues."

 - K - Project Engineer, Norway. Hypnotherapy Client


Once you book your session, this is what you can expect:


Confirmation email.  This will detail out the location, time, and how to best prepare.


Come prepared to the 3 hour session session, following the suggestions in the "how to prepare" section in the email.
Part A: Pre-Talk. 30 minutes
This will be where we will have a detailed conversation about what you wish to address.  I will also ask you the relevant question to best understand your experience.  This will be the ideal time to ask me any questions you have.
Part B: Hypnosis Portion. 1.30 hours to 2 hours.
The crux of the work is done during this portion.  You will be in a deep state of relaxation, your eyes will be closed and we will be in a continuous dialogue as we do this profound work to help you overcome the topic.
Part C: Closing Portion. 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
This portion depends on how you feel after the hypnosis portion.  It is sometimes ideal to keep post talk to a minimum, and other times it is ideal to discuss and review points from the hypnosis portion.


A follow-up 2-3 days after the session email or whatsapp to see how you are feeling during the integration time.  About 70-80% of clients feel normal after the session, however about 20-30% of clients can experience the integration process in a magnified way.


A follow-up by email or whatsapp 10-12 days after the session to review how you are, if at all, still experiencing the issue.  Many clients by now have forgotten they have had a hypnotherapy session and that they had the issue they came in to address in the session!

"My experience with Kartika was very unique and unlike the other therapies & spiritual sessions it was direct to the point. Everything I saw during the session came naturally without conscious thinking and it was almost like dreaming while fully awake. I am very happy that my therapist was Kartika whom I could trust 100%. She has the calming and assuring energy.

During the session I experienced uncomfortable sensations but the professional and soothing way she handled I could keep going instead of stopping there.

How I've progressed in 1 of the issues afterwards is incredible compared to the years of counselling I had.
I am very thankful to Kartika and feel very lucky to have found her."

 - Kaho, 39, Asia. Hypnotherapy Client

  • Do I need to be a certified hypnotherapist do join this program?
    Yes, you must be as we will be discussing many elements that typically encompass a hypnotherapy session - induction, deepening, scripts, tools, modalities, etc.
  • I didn't graduate from HHHypnosis School. Can I still join this program?
    Yes! Though it is dependent on the style of hypnotherapy you carry out. This program is best suited for the hypnotherapists who have been certified and practice regression, past life, parts therapy, and/or who are integrative hypnotherapist, holistic hypnotherapist, and/or combine psychotherapy tools in their practice. If you are not sure, please reach out to set up a (free) meeting/video call with Kartika.
  • Why do we need a minimum of 3 meetings?
    This is simply to allow the relationship to form between the mentee and Kartika. There are no contracts or agreements otherwise, as Kartika feels this restricts such relationships.
  • What kind of hypnotherapists do you mentor?
    I work with new hypnotherapists, established hypnotherapist and other mental health professionals (clinical psychologist and psychotherapist) who practice hypnotherapy.
  • Do I have to sign a contract or agreement to join this mentorship program?
    Not at this time.
  • What is the process to join this mentorship program?
    First, please reach out! Then, an in-person or video call will be set up so you can see if you are a good match for this. If so, you'll then agree which date and time works for you both.
  • What are the fees for the mentorship program?
    Mentees in Europe: Euro 150/hour Mentees in North America: USD 150/ hour Mentees in Indonesia: IDR 1,500,000/hour.
  • How do you receive payment for the mentorship program?
    To avoid confusion, payments are made in advance for 3 bookings at a time. Payments can be received: in cash by credit card (2% surcharge) PayPal (unfortunate 4.4% surcharge) Bank transfer for USD (located in the USA) Euro (bank in Europe) SGD (bank in Singapore) BGP (bank in UK) Please let myself or my assistant know so we can send you the appropriate invoice to complete payment. Details can be found here

"I went to see Kartika with the hope to get rid of the black cloud that had been “following” me everywhere for almost a year. Anxiety and insomnia were fuelling this cloud. I had stopped caring about my body, my health; I just didn’t have the energy to care anymore and I was using every ounce of will power I had to force myself to go through the motions of getting up in the morning, going to work, paying attention… I am a sweet tooth, and even great desserts didn’t create much enthusiasm. I often had parasitic thoughts too: “if I could have an accident and not have to go to work, it would be such a relief!”. I read a lot of self-help books, and I have probably read the most important personal development books there are, but I had reached the limit of what they could do for me. This was my third burnout in 6 years and I saw hypnotherapy as the last thing I could think of to help me get away from depression.


It has now been more than a month that I have met Kartika, and the cloud is gone. I am feeling a little more positive everyday, more grateful and more focused... I react to stress and pressure very differently. I feel less angry... I feel more at peace and don’t feel the need to immediately act on every single issue that arises...


I am very grateful to Kartika for her help and I hope I’ll have other occasions to meet her and work on different questions/issues."

 - Anonymous, 30, French, School Manager, Hypnotherapy Client

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