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Kartika Alexandra specializes in Subconscious Mind Healing, offering powerful, transformative, and life-changing services specifically tailored to the individual's needs. Three main options are available, ranging from hypnotherapy session to holistic programs all employing the same values and principles to access the powerful potential of the subconscious mind.


Masculine Feminine Workshop

These workshops provide an opportunity to explore and learn about a variety of topics that are part of human experience. Having the right knowledge helps to increase our quality of life and all workshops include pragmatic and practical tools to apply to life. These workshops provides an interactive and immersive experience to help you reach your desired goals.


Paddy field

These retreats provide a truly immersive experience in a beautiful and nourishing environment with a holistic and healing program. Taking you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the retreats are designed to help you focus on self-care and wellbeing as they provide conscious and subconscious support via the physical, mental, energetic systems.

Hypnotherapy Course


This Hypnotherapy Certification Course will give you the skills and knowledge required to learn how to carry out the H.H.Hypnosis process.  You will gain the confidence and tools to help others through their challenges and struggles. This course is designed to be transformative for the student with its extensive knowledge component followed by a practicum where students also get the space to evolve as they address their own blocks and triggers.

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