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Rapid Healing Session

Working directly with the unconscious and superconscious part of the mind, this effective and transformative approach releases and transforms limiting subconscious beliefs and unhelpful programs & belief. 

Kartika Alexandra Healer


Rapid Healing sessions, ranging between 1 to 1.5 hours, employ a fast-tracked approach to subconscious reset. We imprint new empowering beliefs, release disruptive programs, and dissolve blocks, all while focusing on the root cause.

This process is especially designed for returning clients and new clients who urgently need support, are grappling with specific conditions or dealing with certain challenging topics.

Over time, you will witness results and effectiveness as they accumulate and compound.  These changes can be experienced in the forthcoming days and weeks - how quickly it is felt depending on the topic and program worked on.

It is imperative that your comfort and consent are prioritized. Thus, any releases, shifts, or balancing will be engaged after receiving explicit permission from your Superconscious mind, as your Superconscious Mind is here to protect and support you in carrying out your life mission.

 - Rapid Healing Client, June 2023 -

Kartika Alexandra Testimonial - Subconscious Rapid Healing

 - Anonymous, English, 55 Year old, Male -

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What exactly is a Rapid Healing session?


In these sessions, we are working directly with the Unconscious & Superconscious mind of the client to help the client reach their goal.  While many of us are familiar with the Conscious mind, we are not generally exposed to the true power of our Subconscious & Unconscious mind.  And for most, the deepest and most powerful part of our mind, the Superconscious mind, is even more foreign and unfamiliar to them.  The Superconscious is the part of our mind that adds an even deeper layer of protection and it is especially here to support us in carrying out our mission & purpose in this life.  It is the part of us that holds the true potential of who we can be.


Many times, the powerful life enriching programs and beliefs from this part of the Superconscious mind is indeed communicating with our Conscious mind to guide in creating the life we wish to experience, but perhaps due to stressful moments and/or cultural, social, environmental influences, there can be conflicting programs.  These are generally imprinted in the Unconscious and Subconscious mind - the parts of the mind between the Conscious and the Superconscious mind.  When these conflicting programs exist, this affects our thinking & feeling which leaves us feeling confused, overwhelmed, depleted, and/or frustrated.  This results in us engaging in what is commonly known as self-sabotaging behaviors or unwanted behaviors.  For some of us, we are aware of these conflicting programs, but for many, it remains hidden and we end up finding ourselves stuck, stagnant or in a repeating loop.

For this reason, working directly with the Superconscious directly to identify what these positive programs & beliefs are that are looking to be brought to reality, along with the identifying what Subconscious & Unconscious conflicting programs & beliefs are that are getting in the way, can be most effective for quick and profound change.  

What is a Rapid Healing Session like?


At the time of the session, we will spend dedicated time for a pre-talk to discuss and clarify your issues or goals.  This can last generally anywhere from 15-30 minutes in the first session, and in any follow up sessions (if necessary), they can be about 10-15 minutes.

During the healing portion of the session, all you have to do is lie back and relax as I initiate communication with your Superconscious mind. I first ask permission to work with your Superconscious mind, and once I am given permission, I will then begin to go through a series of positive foundational programs & beliefs to check if they are already present in your mind. These include programs such as "I am safe" and "I feel safe."  Without these types of programs, our Unconscious mind (the part of our mind that generally runs our heart rate, nervous system, breathing, and entire body) cannot possible create that reality.   If they are not present, I will ask permission to imprint them and if given the permission, we do so together.  Most clients often report feeling or sensing a notable release and change during the actual imprinting & transforming of programs  & beliefs.When the foundational programs are complete, we then move into a more focused process to reach the goal of the session (established in the pre-talk).

Although this process is predominantly carried out in silence, any relevant information will be shared out loud, ensuring you are aware of what is unfolding during the session.  This includes what programs & beliefs we are imprinting, what programs & beliefs we transform, and where they may be rooted in

Following the session, changes can be overt and obvious, subtle and gentle, or both depending on the topic and programs.  Most clients feel light and positive and they can begin to sense changes in their mental and/or emotional experience, thereby positively influencing their life (decision-making, relationships, etc).  These shifts compound and grow over time, so many clients report several weeks or months after the session(s) how the trajectory of their life has shifted from having these positive programs.  A small portion of clients may experience a bit more intense integration period of 2 days post session which may include feelings of unsettledness (old energies from past memories clearing out), exhaustion (due to the system reseting), clumsiness (conscious and subconscious mind is still integrating which affects our muscles), strange dreams (unprocessed energy being released) and more. 

Who is Rapid Healing Session ideal for?

The Rapid Healing session is ideal for any one who matches with one of the following:

  • pregnant women*

  • client who are requiring urgent attention (pre-surgery, re-traumatized, etc)*

  • elderly clients*

  • young children*

  • clients who have a very specific issue

  • clients who have many different struggles and issues and are not sure where to start

  • clients who need a reset/restart

  • clients who want to increase their quality of life in a specific area of their life - career, finance, relationships, health, etc

*Due to the nature of the work being done in a Rapid Healing session, these sessions require less conscious participation from the client and requires less time compared to a hypnotherapy session which is why this is ideal for these clients.

Healing for Children_edited.jpg

If you woud like to know more about Rapid Healing, please visit the FAQs

 - Rapid Healing Client, September 2022 -

2.5 weeks after session:

Kartika Alexandra Subconscious Rapid Healing Testimonial 2/2

1.5 months after session.

Kartika Alexandra Subconscious Healing

 - Anonymous Lithuanian, 28-Year-old, Woman -

Session Details & Fees

Single Rapid Healing Session

Rapid Healing 1 Session_edited.jpg

What comes with this option:

  1. 1 x 1.5 hour Rapid Healing session

  2. A follow-up 14-30 days after session (via WhatsApp or Telegram)

This is ideal for

  • some types of anxieties

  • when its unclear what is the issue/block, but clients is aware that there are some present

  • certain phobias

  • setting the best foundation for having a successful career, abundance, financial growth, or romantic relationship

  • mindset shifts, empowerment, abundance blocks

  • general emotional overwhelm or unwanted reactions (shyness, jealousy, worry)

One session can allow for

  1. Significant reduction of the issue

  2. Upgrade in one's internal belief system.

  3. Change in life's trajectory.

Note:   Please contact me to inquire how many sessions your topic generally requires.

Online Session


Online via Zoom or WhatsApp

Session Duration: 1.5 hours 

Fee: USD 680

In-Person Session


At Maja Healing in Bali

Session Duration: 1.5 hour 

Fee: IDR 6,500,000

3 Rapid Healing Sessions 

Rapid Healing Session_edited.jpg

What comes with this option:

  1. 1 x 1.5 hours Rapid Healing session, then 2 x 1 hour Rapid Healing session

  2.  A Whatsapp or Telegram check in 10-12 days after session 1 and 2.

  3. A 30 min follow-up 10-12 days after the final session.

This is ideal for

  • transformational work (general and/or specific in finance or career or performance) 

  • multiple topics or issues being addressed

  • overwhelming anxiety & panic attacks

  • deep relationships patterns clearing and reset

  • abundance reset and openin

  • emotional balancing and reset

  • deep internal reset & empowerment

Why would you need 3 sessions?

  1. Some topics require more time to uncover the layers, clear out the unwanted & conflicting programs, and create the best foundation for the future to be built upon. 

  2.  It gives time and space for life to be experience so we can best refine each session to dive in even more precisely.

  3. True transformation can be experienced!

Online Session


Online via Zoom or WhatsApp

Session Duration:

Session 1: 1.5 hours

Session 2-3: 1 hour 

Fee: USD -

In-Person Session


At Maja Healing in Bali

Session Duration:

Session 1: 1.5 hours

Session 2-3: 1 hour 

Fee: IDR -

Rapid Healing for Children


What comes with this option:

  1. 4 x 30 min Rapid Healing session over the span of 4-5  weeks

  2. Check-in and updates with parent or caregiver.

This is ideal for

  • Children and young adults under the age of 16

  • Those struggling emotionally or with their confidence

  • Those experiencing nightmares or repeating unwanted reactions

  • Experiencing strong fears and phobias

  • Require Unconscious Mind support to help them reach their goals (academically, sports, socially, etc)

Please note


While subconscious and unconscious programming will provide the child to experience a different reality, by nature of their age and process in life they are still highly influenced by parental and social elements.  For this reason, if there are conflicting elements in their relationships or environment, these can hinder the positive programs from changing their reality. Should I identify these, I will share them with the parent/caregiver as that is beyond my scope or ability to influence.

Online Session


Online via Zoom or WhatsApp

Session Duration:

4 x 30 min sessions

Spanning about 4-5 weeks 

Fee: IDR 5,000,000

In-Person Session


At Maja Healing in Bali

Session Duration:

4 x 30 min sessions

Spanning about 4-5 weeks 

Fee: IDR 5,000,000

Rapid Healing Details
Feedback from Rapid Healing Clients

 -37-Year-old, Female, American -

Session date: August 2022

Kartika Alexandra Subconscious Healing Rapid Healing Testimonial
  • Do I need to be a certified hypnotherapist do join this program?
    Yes, you must be as we will be discussing many elements that typically encompass a hypnotherapy session - induction, deepening, scripts, tools, modalities, etc.
  • I didn't graduate from HHHypnosis School. Can I still join this program?
    Yes! Though it is dependent on the style of hypnotherapy you carry out. This program is best suited for the hypnotherapists who have been certified and practice regression, past life, parts therapy, and/or who are integrative hypnotherapist, holistic hypnotherapist, and/or combine psychotherapy tools in their practice. If you are not sure, please reach out to set up a (free) meeting/video call with Kartika.
  • Why do we need a minimum of 3 meetings?
    This is simply to allow the relationship to form between the mentee and Kartika. There are no contracts or agreements otherwise, as Kartika feels this restricts such relationships.
  • What kind of hypnotherapists do you mentor?
    I work with new hypnotherapists, established hypnotherapist and other mental health professionals (clinical psychologist and psychotherapist) who practice hypnotherapy.
  • Do I have to sign a contract or agreement to join this mentorship program?
    Not at this time.
  • What is the process to join this mentorship program?
    First, please reach out! Then, an in-person or video call will be set up so you can see if you are a good match for this. If so, you'll then agree which date and time works for you both.
  • What are the fees for the mentorship program?
    Mentees in Europe: Euro 150/hour Mentees in North America: USD 150/ hour Mentees in Indonesia: IDR 1,500,000/hour.
  • How do you receive payment for the mentorship program?
    To avoid confusion, payments are made in advance for 3 bookings at a time. Payments can be received: in cash by credit card (2% surcharge) PayPal (unfortunate 4.4% surcharge) Bank transfer for USD (located in the USA) Euro (bank in Europe) SGD (bank in Singapore) BGP (bank in UK) Please let myself or my assistant know so we can send you the appropriate invoice to complete payment. Details can be found here
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