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Hypnotherapy Mentorship Program

Currently the mentorship program is full.

Please contact me to be placed on waitlist.

This mentorship program is for certified hypnotherapists who fit any or all of the following points:

  1. Expand their knowledge on hypnotherapy related topics

  2. Explore different ways to best work with their clients

  3. Who wish to have supervision on client cases

  4. Gain insights on how to refine their hypnotherapy approach and style


  1. Meetings are 1 hour or 1.5 hour, take place every 2 weeks (unless there are emergencies with your clients cases I am supervising on)

  2. Meetings are booked in 3 sessions at a time.

  3. Mentorships can be online or in-person.

    • If in Bali, this can be in Maja Healing or outside of Maja. Meetings are held anywhere convenient for us both and dependent on the topic. 

    • If online, then it takes place on Zoom.  

  4. The structure of each meeting is flexible.

    1. We may cover a current client case you are working on.

    2. We may address hypnotherapy blocks you are experiencing and I may carry out a session on you

    3. We may explore new ways to approach a certain topic or type of client.

  5. Fees:

    1. Mentees in Europe: Euro 150/hour

    2. Mentees in North America: USD 150/ hour

    3. Mentees in Indonesia: IDR 1,500,000/hour.

    4. All prices include taxes.

Taking Notes

What do you get from this mentorship program?

  1. New techniques & approaches to your hypnotherapy practice

  2. Deeper understanding on the workings of the mind

  3. Kartika's knowledge and intuitive insight on client cases

  4. Bringing to light and potentially addressing blocks/issues that you may bring to your hypnotherapy sessions (voice, fears, process, scripts, etc)

  5. Increase confidence when working with clients

  6. Knowledge on topics from different fields

  7. Potential shadowing Kartika during a hypnotherapy session she carries out.

  8. Kartika's guidance so that you ultimately step more into your own power.

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