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Mentorship Program

Welcome to a transformative journey in your hypnotherapy career!


This unique mentorship program is specially tailored for certified hypnotherapists looking to ascend to the next level in their profession. You've got the basics, now it's time to expand, explore, reflect and refine!

The mentorship program is designed to be flexible while assisting you in deepening your understanding of a variety of hypnotherapy-related topics and exploring innovative strategies to work more effectively with your clients. As every case has unique challenges, you might need supervision to guide you through some of them. This program offers you the support you need for these cases, ensuring you feel prepared.

This mentorship opportunity is not just about knowledge provision but also about refine their hypnotherapy approach and style as you gain exclusive insights, dissect your methods, and emerge with honed skills and a rejuvenated perspective.

I personally know how the journey is as we look to make more significant impact in the lives of others.  I am eternally grateful to my teachers and mentors who have supported me to my own journey.  For this reason, my ultimate goal with each mentee is to pass on what I have learned from them, to boost their confidence, enhance their expertise, and empower them to reach unprecedented levels of effectiveness in assisting their clients. 


What do you get from this mentorship program?

  1. New techniques & approaches to your hypnotherapy practice

  2. Deeper understanding on the workings of the mind

  3. Kartika's knowledge and intuitive insight on client cases

  4. Bringing to light and potentially addressing blocks/issues that you may bring to your hypnotherapy sessions (voice, fears, process, scripts, etc)

  5. Increase confidence when working with clients

  6. Knowledge on topics from different fields

  7. Potential shadowing Kartika during a hypnotherapy session she carries out.

  8. Kartika's guidance so that you ultimately step more into your own power.


  1. Meetings are 1 hour or 1.5 hour, take place every 2 weeks (unless there are emergencies with your clients cases I am supervising on)

  2. Meetings are booked in 3 sessions at a time.

  3. Mentorships can be online or in-person.

    • If in Bali, this can be in Maja Healing or outside of Maja. Meetings are held anywhere convenient for us both and dependent on the topic. 

    • If online, then it takes place on Zoom.  

  4. The structure of each meeting is flexible.

    1. We may cover a current client case you are working on.

    2. We may address hypnotherapy blocks you are experiencing and I may carry out a session on you

    3. We may explore new ways to approach a certain topic or type of client.

  5. Fees:

    1. Mentees outside of Indonesia: USD 100/60 min and USD 150/90 min

    2. Mentees in Indonesia: IDR 1,500,000/60 min and IDR 2,200,000/90 min

    3. All prices include taxes.

    4. Prices may change without notice.

Taking Notes
  • Do I need to be a certified hypnotherapist do join this program?
    Yes, you must be as we will be discussing many elements that typically encompass a hypnotherapy session - induction, deepening, scripts, tools, modalities, etc.
  • I didn't graduate from HHHypnosis School. Can I still join this program?
    Yes! Though it is dependent on the style of hypnotherapy you carry out. This program is best suited for the hypnotherapists who have been certified and practice regression, past life, parts therapy, and/or who are integrative hypnotherapist, holistic hypnotherapist, and/or combine psychotherapy tools in their practice. If you are not sure, please reach out to set up a (free) meeting/video call with Kartika.
  • Why do we need a minimum of 3 meetings?
    This is simply to allow the relationship to form between the mentee and Kartika. There are no contracts or agreements otherwise, as Kartika feels this restricts such relationships.
  • What kind of hypnotherapists do you mentor?
    I work with new hypnotherapists, established hypnotherapist and other mental health professionals (clinical psychologist and psychotherapist) who practice hypnotherapy.
  • Do I have to sign a contract or agreement to join this mentorship program?
    Not at this time.
  • What is the process to join this mentorship program?
    First, please reach out! Then, an in-person or video call will be set up so you can see if you are a good match for this. If so, you'll then agree which date and time works for you both.
  • What are the fees for the mentorship program?
    Mentees in Europe: Euro 150/hour Mentees in North America: USD 150/ hour Mentees in Indonesia: IDR 1,500,000/hour.
  • How do you receive payment for the mentorship program?
    To avoid confusion, payments are made in advance for 3 bookings at a time. Payments can be received: in cash by credit card (2% surcharge) PayPal (unfortunate 4.4% surcharge) Bank transfer for USD (located in the USA) Euro (bank in Europe) SGD (bank in Singapore) BGP (bank in UK) Please let myself or my assistant know so we can send you the appropriate invoice to complete payment. Details can be found here
Mentoship FAQ
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