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"I would highly recommend her to anyone, including people who cannot quite put their finger on exactly why they are feeling the way they are, however random, and want clarity and change.  

Kartika deserves all the recognition she is achieving from her clients and peers worldwide."

 - Susan Greenwood, Hypnotherapy Client

Welcome to Inner Freedom

With the right understanding of the mind and with the right tools, change can happen faster.

I am here to facilitate the necessary healing to help you overcome the issue.

I do not ascribe to any one particular modality.  As individuals, we will always need different tools for different problems at different times in our journey. This is why I work with the conscious & the subconscious part of the mind, and why I bring together various processes and teachings into each client session and program.

The ultimate goal for me is to help the people I cross paths with

  1. Experience freedom from their issues

  2. A more profound connection to themselves

  3. A deeper understanding of who they are. 


With this, they are able to feel more joy and are better equipped to navigate through life. 

While I work with clients on a a wide range of topics, I specialize in more complex, unusual and/or trauma work.  You are welcome to read here how past clients experienced their time with me.

In addition to my private practice:

  • I work with other professionals, doctors, clinical psychologist and specialized centers around the world (in-person and online) to support their patients.

  • I consult with companies and online platforms (such as professional traders) to support the team and increase their performance. 

  • I teach my specific process in my transformative hypnotherapy course.

  • I share the knowledge of the mind and healing through talks I give.

  • I support other hypnotherapists to step into their power in my mentorship program.

"Hypnotherapy with Kartika was the most effortless and natural thing

I could have done to change myself."

 - Maikhanh, Hypnotherapy Client

Knowledge, Insights & Latest News

"What still amazes me is how she managed to select just the right early emotional triggers to lead us through the spider web of memories and subconscious imprints that found the root cause of my turmoil."

 - John Rozelle, Hypnotherapy Client

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