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Topics Commonly Addressed in Hypnotherapy

The goal is to help clients create healthier and more fulfilling lives by addressing topics that can increase their quality of life, happiness, and joy.

In General,
we can separate topics into 3 categories


Overcoming an uncomfortable condition, feeling, reaction, tendency being experienced in the present, or processing an event in the past

This is for those who identified what they are struggling with, or how they may be struggling with certain elements in life - emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically or spiritually.

Questions/Thoughts that you may be asking yourself if you are in this category:

  • Why do I react that way?

  • I hate that I do X when I know its not good for me

  • I keep on revisiting that memory/person/event over and over, and I dont want to anymore

  • I feel heavy, anxious, worried, overwhelmed, angry, hate, and/or stressed and I do not want this anymore

  • I am avoiding certain situations/people and its affecting my quality of life.  


Gaining Clarity on a matter

This is ideal for those who are at crossroads in their life, may feel confused and/or overwhelmed at what may be the best next step for them in relation to a specific topic (business, romantic, etc) or generally in life.

Thoughts that you may be experiencing if you are in this category:

  • I really have no idea what is the best decision for me here.

  • I am overwhelmed and/or lost at this time in my life.

  • I know that this ex is not a good person for me, but I also want to be with them and cannot stop thinking of them.

  • I do not think life is worth living, but I also do not want to just give up.


Increasing one's quality of life and stepping it up to the next level

This can be related to one's career, work related performance, public speaking, success, social or romantic relationships, athletic performance, parenting.

Thoughts that you may be asking yourself if you are in this category:

  • I have all the skills and knowledge to get to the next level at work/relationship but I feel I may be self-sabotaging.

  • I want to go BIG and I want to make sure that my subconscious mind is aligned with this.

  • I want to go even BIGGER and I want to make sure that my subconscious mind is aligned with this.

  • I want to find those blocks that I am not aware that I have so I can step it up at work/family/romance.

Topics Addressed

Fears & Phobias
  • Flying, growing old, ocean, public speaking

  • intimacy, public speaking, commitment, being alone

  • Animals (spiders, dogs, snakes, geckos, etc)

  • Failure, of success, taking risks, and more

Releasing Traumatic Experiences
  • Childhood event, in one's relationship with one own's mother or father, other family member

  • In adult life with a sibling, friend or stranger

  • Loss of a child, friend or family member,

  • Heartbreak

Other Common Topics

  • Blocks in areas of life

  • Stress, sadness, depression

  • Past-life regression and unblocking

  • Rebirthing

  • Forgiveness

  • Acceptance of self, increasing self-love, inner harmony

Unwanted beliefs and negative emotional patterns
  • Pushing people away, anger/rage outbursts

  • Low self esteem/confidence

  • Continually attracting wrong types of friends

  • Victimization mentality

  • Overly pessimistic, overly critical, overly judgmental, overly jealous, overly possessive, overly aggressive

  • Problematic ways of interacting with others, and more

Addictions, Habits & Eating Disorders*
  • Smoking, drinking, gambling, sex, porn

  • Nail biting, pulling out hair,

  • Video games, work, shopping

  • Over-spending, cheating/affairs

  • Binge eating, bulimia, anorexia

Negative Relationship Patterns
  • Overly jealous, possessive, critical. 

  • Inability to trust and/or codependency

  • Uncontrollable anger/rage outbursts

  • Repeating patterns - break up after X amount of weeks, repeatedly being abandoned, etc

  • Continually attracting wrong types of partners

  • Negative unwanted reactions or desires

  • Social settings, public speaking

  • From unresolved traumatic experience

  • Panic attacks - random and triggered by specific environments (height, elevators, hospitals)

  • Constant worry, OCD behavior, and more

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