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Bali Usada - Silent Meditation Retreat

Bali Usada Meditation is a 7 day health meditation retreat done in silence (no talking, reading or writing).  


For the whole 7 days, you are guided through on a process that allows you to then use your mind to heal your body.  


The premise is that whatever 'negative’ we have in our minds will affect our physical bodies in a negative way - so by cleaning out the mind, we heal our body and by cleaning out our body, we help our mind.  There are some amazing cases of participants who had severe physical conditions and have been able to overcome them or stabilize their conditions (from asthma, lupus, to cancer).

You do not need to have a physical illness or condition to attend this meditation - I first attended a retreat and did not have any physical ailment to address but without a doubt I benefited immensely on all levels.


It cost about Indonesian Rp4,000,000 to 7,000,000 for the whole week for the English speaking one - this includes accommodation, water, food, etc for the week. Price depends on the location of the retreat and level you participate in.


The participants are from all walks of life - from physicists, housewives, yogis, bankers, models, artists, therapists and monks.


The retreat will require commitment to push through as the first three days can be quite tough.  It is hardest on the 2 and 3 day as the mind starts to get antsy, body parts start to hurt, things start to come up, but after this, most participants finish feeling quite euphoric and much much lighter after the 7 days.  

It is quite a powerful retreat to attend, worth the whole process, and this is why I include it here.

Bali Usada Forest Island Bodhi Tree.jpg

You are allowed to speak to the teacher, Pak Merta Ada, or the assistant, Michael.  They are both fantastic.  English meditations are every 1.5 months. They tend to have a waitlist for every meditation so if this is of interest to you, I suggest contacting them immediately. 

I highly recommend bringing comfortable loose clothing, expecting to layer your clothing, socks (as it can be chilly at times) and a sarong or large scarf.  Do bring all your toiletries as well.  They will provide towels, sheets, pillows, etc

2020 dates for level I English-speaking retreat with locations:

January 12 – 18 2020 (Forest Island)
April 19 – 25 2020 (Forest Island)
August 09 – 15 2020 (Forest Island)
October 18 – 24 2020 (Forest Island)

October 25 – 31 2020 (Bali Ethnic Villas)
December 06 – 12 2020 (Forest Island)



email (questions and booking):

Or let me know if you wish to be put you directly in touch with Dewi (assistant) over Whatsapp as she responds quickly.


If you have any questions, you are always welcome to whatsapp me +62-811-877-0363!

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