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Pak Heru (Totok)

Pak Heru is an Indonesian man who has helped many overcome physical, emotional and energetic ailments and blocks by combining acupressure and a technique originating from Shaolin monk practices referred to as “totok”a technique that originates from Shaolin monk practices.

What to expect during session: 

Please arrive at his healing practice about 5 min before the session, take off your shoes, and make yourself comfortable in the waiting area.  

When it is your turn, you will be called into the room and asked to sit in a chair that Pak Heru will point out to you.  The whole session will take place while you sit in that chair.

Pak Heru will then begin to work on your body, starting with your feet and working upwards to your head.

He will apply very light pressure on general parts of the body.  You may feel absolutely nothing and this is normal.  It isn’t painful, but it can be if there is a lot of issues in that area.  

There is no talking involved during this process - Pak Heru will do his work.  He will  already have picked up any issues or ailments by looking at you and by working on you, so you do not need to tell him what is wrong, but you are most welcome to point out the issue you are having.

When Pak Heru is finished, he will tap on your shoulders as indication that he’s done his work.   At this point, if you wish and if there is time, you are welcome to ask him questions if you have any.  I do really suggest to ask him:  

- what he thinks about your physical condition 

- If he detects a problem or if you have a preexisting condition,  please ask him specifically about that condition.  

- what he thinks is the root cause of the condition

- What to eat, not to eat for your specific body (foods, lack of minerals, etc)

- whether he can be of help.  He is a very humble and honest man so will say "yes" if he can help and he will say "no" if he cannot.  If he says he can be of help, I suggest asking him how many times he thinks you should come back for a visit.   Please know that many issues do take at least 3 visits before seeing a difference.


Session details: 

The sessions are 30 minute long and cost IDR 350,000.  

Only available Thursday to Saturday every week in Bali as he flies in from Java. 

Location is at on Jl. Tegal Cupek by Bali Buda (5 minutes away from my office Maja Healing in Bali).


How I’ve come to know Pak Heru: 

I’ve known Pak Heru for about 4 years.  He was introduced by a friend whose father was fully healed from 4 out of 5 physical ailments - including two leaking heart valves.   When the father flew back to Germany and went to see the doctors, they confirmed that indeed he no longer had 4 out of 5 of the physical ailments that they had previously recorded in his medical file.  

I first met Pak Heru as a patient of his.  He then joined the Maja Healing family  for about 1 year.
He has played a key role in many of my  friends, family and clients healing path.  

*I do wish to include that I do not recommend him for any other reason except that he may be helpful for you in addressing and overcoming the current health condition you have (i.e. I do not benefit financially from this in any way if you do go to see him). 


Booking sessions:

- If you wish to book a session or find more information, you can visit his website by clicking here.

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