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Course Testimonials

I really cannot put the experience of this course into words. It was life changing.

Kartika is an amazing teacher and what I love most about her way of teaching is that she uses the perfect blend of being focused and flexible, straight and kind, scientific research and traditional eastern healing methods, theory and practice.

Kartika has such a vast knowledge in all kinds of fields - psychology, physical body, business - and puts all of her power and trust into the students, so that in the early stages of the course, the students already get to carry out sessions by themselves with her support.

And above all, she really pushed us as her students to dive into all the topics ourselves that were possibly holding us back from becoming the best Hypnotherapist possible. This course prepared me on every level to become the best Hypnotherapist (and human!) I can be.


Knowledge-wise, I was most surprised to learn how wide the field of trauma is. f.ex. of how much influence our ancestors etc. have on our today's life. Of how much trauma, and inner beliefs every one of us hold inside themselves that are getting passed down from generation to generation to generation. Of how many smaller or bigger traumas are rooted in the childhood. Seemingly ordinary events in the childhood are sometimes causing so much pain and issues in our adult-lives.


I am beyond grateful for Kartika and Steph, leading this course with so much determination, power, love, support, experience and knowledge and for the deep bonds and friendship we all built with each other.

Marie Wanhoefer- March 2021 - Hypnotherapy Course Student

Celinne da Acosta

I'd been in contact with Kartika for about a year before deciding to take the Holistic Healing Hypnosis certification course. And wow -- what an experience! It's hard to put into words what I learned, because it was beyond what I thought I was signing up for.

Not only did I learn to become a hypnotherapist, but I also got a deeper understanding of how to support clients in healing trauma, how to hold space for people's most challenging emotions, the different energies that come into play during such profound sessions, and how to navigate the minefield of the subconscious mind in a craftful and skillful manner.


Most importantly -- I learned how to connect even deeper with myself, who I am, and what I'm meant to do in this world. This is a self-discovery journey like no other.


Thank you Kartika for your kindness, patience, and support, during and after the course!

Sabiye Gungor - March 2021 - Hypnotherapy Course Student

The course had such a huge impact on my life , really transformational ! Kartika is such an exceptional teacher. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable and shared so much incredible wisdom ! Kartika and her team were so determined to make each of us the best hypnotherapist possible in our own way !

Clare Hamptton

It's hard to put into words how life changing the Holistic Hypnotherapy course is. Not only do you learn the tools to become a successful hypnotherapist but in the process, you heal yourself. You see your transformation on a daily basis as you tap into your intuition, learn to trust and identify your feelings, as well as free yourself from past traumas, triggers and negative behavioral pattens.


Kartika and Christelle's guidance, support, patience, and understanding are inspirational - they are superb role models who offer a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom.


Thank you to you both for the most amazing journey, bringing wonderful people into my life and setting me off on my healing path - you are pure magic and I can't recommend the course highly enough

It's been 3 weeks after the in-group (first) portion of this course and I still think about it every single day since. That's how transformative and insightful the course is. To be honest, calling it a course would not even cut it. I find it a roadmap to heal the most essential thing in our life. Our selves. Yes "selves" with a plural... Kartika and Christelle invited, welcomed, entertained every version of our selves in class. And boy, there's plenty! I don't even know if anybody in my life has ever showed up like that for me (also my beautiful course mates I now call soul-friends). Through learning about ourselves, we begin to wrap our minds around the blueprints of others, learn the tools to help them (and ourselves) and shift our perspectives to a higher purpose.


For that, it takes a very wise person to guide and mentor us, Kartika - whom I felt have traversed so many lives in order to present to us this wonderful knowledge that would challenge many things we thought we knew about healing, our minds, our relationships. She backed it by science, spirituality, data, wit, love, kindness, snacks and an absolute rock star attitude (the best kind). We also call her Mary Poppins or The Awakener. 


I am so very excited if you choose to be on this journey, to meet Kartika and the stellar team at Maja.

Nafisah Nordin

This course was an eye opener when it comes to the world around us as well as to the mind within us. A great journey in self healing as well as acquiring the skill to guide others on that healing journey through hypnotherapy and also through the way you will be able to show up in your life for yourself and others. You will not only be a better healer but a better person. The course requires dedication, commitment to show up even when it’s hard and forgiveness and kindness towards yourself and others. If you can’t do these things the course will require it of you and teach you. Just know that the journey will be hard but it’s all worth it in the end.

Lisa Davidsson - 38 Swedish

Being a part of this course was incredibly impactful on my life. It was an equally blissful and challenging experience. I was given the opportunity to come face to face with so many aspects of myself that required healing and attention. I learned and grew a lot in such a short period of time. I have great respect for Kartika and the integrity she embodies as a teacher and guide. She created an amazing supportive environment/container where the students could express themselves freely. The hypnotherapy process provided was very powerful and presented in a structured easy to grasp format. It’s obvious that Kartika really does care about her students as she offers continuing support via mentoring, which was and is invaluable to me as I continue along this path and journey.

Meghann - 40

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