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I believe that each individual has the innate ability to heal and resolve what troubles them.  My role is to facilitate and assist in this process, so that it may take place in a more profound, complete and direct way.


With years of experience and after working with thousands of clients, I have helped many move through a variety of issues & challenges.  At this time, I specialize and work primarily with clients who are

  • experiencing unique, uncommon and/or unidentifiable issues

  • complex post-traumatic stress disorders

  • adults looking to overcome childhood trauma

  • pregnant women

Generally, I do not see clients for the same topic more than 1-2 times*.  

This is primarily due to working with the client in 1). the state of hypnosis, 2). working in the root cause of the issue and 3). customizing each and every hypnotherapy session with each client.  In each session, I integrate together various modalities, processes, tools and my own intuitive capacity to support the client to achieve their goal.  Combining this with my own intuitive capacity


*This depend on the topic being addressed and the severity of the issue.  To learn more, please write to me  

Who is Kartika?

Kartika is an Indonesian-Canadian hypnotherapist who was born in the USA and grew up in Kenya, Tokyo, Jakarta and Vancouver. Exposed to such a range of cultures, beliefs, religions and environments while learning to speak 5 different languages (French, English, Indonesian, Swahili, and Japanese), she experienced directly how individuals within the same culture and across the different cultures perceive & understood life, suffering, happiness and love differently.

Kartika completed her psychology degree (as a double major with Central Near Eastern Studies) from the University of British Columbia with awards, recognition on the Dean's List and various other scholarships.

During this time, she began to explore even deeper the understanding of wellness, health, and joy across the world.  She focused on merging together the knowledge and practices from between the east and the west to better understand the total human experience of well-being.

As part of her deeper understanding of what it means to be in harmony, Kartika took part of a hypnotherapy certification course.  In 2014, she received her certification as a hypnotherapist and her practice was born unexpectedly as friends and family asked for help to overcome their issues and blocks.  Her practice grew organically as she continued to delve into herself in an effort to walk the path of healing and wellness.

Kartika Alexandra.jpg
India - Kartika.JPG

Bringing together tools, techniques, knowledge and her own understanding from the world of healing to her practice allowed clients her to refine her process as she worked with a wide-range of clients (from artists, mothers, fathers, military men & women, olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, lawyers and spiritual leaders).  She typically has a 4 week wait-list at this time.


Each year, Kartika expands her knowledge by focusing on deeper knowledge in a specific field of wellness, hypnosis or healing.  This continued to refine her understanding of how to best resolve certain issues and in 2017, Kartika founded an holistic wellness center called Maja Healing in Bali. Maja Healing is a wellness space that is fueled by the work of pragmatic, successful & holisticially-minded therapists that work with the client's mind, body and/or energy system, and the therapists and healers frequently work together to support their clients into a state of harmony and well-being. 

Kartika's continues to receive clients in her hypnotherapy practice, and continues to offer hypnotherapy certification courses.  She now travels frequently between Bali, Switzerland and Vancouver, receiving clients worldwide, as she continues to enjoy further expanding her knowledge on how to help individuals overcome their issues even more fluidly by getting to the root of the issue in a fast and safe manner.

When Kartika is not practicing, teaching hypnotherapy courses or in a silent meditation retreat, you can find with her dogs, reading, indoor cycling, drinking tea/coffee, scuba diving, dancing, having raw & honest conversations, or enjoying a good laugh with her friends.

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